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Tree Whisperers - Our Trees


Tree Whisperers, an Eden based education project focusing on trees and climate change, is calling upon the creativity of pupils to document their local trees.

Celebrating Eden's trees with the help of Eden's pupils.


Tree Whisperers is asking for the help of Eden's pupils to form a 'creative tree archive' made up of their work inspired by local trees. Selected work from pupils will be shared with a wider audience through a public exhibition in June 2015 and will also appear on the project's website. In this way we can celebrate, document and acknowledge the environmental and social value of our local trees.


We are interested in celebrating trees through a range of diverse approaches enabling teachers to connect with the project through any relevant area of the curriculum. To support participating classes, as they develop their ideas, we are offering resources and free creative, woodland and archive workshops delivered in school. The project runs from November 2014 through to mid May 2015.  ...

The sessions available.

Woodland sessions - Join a woodland practitioner, in local woodland or on school grounds, for an inspirational journey into the secret lives of trees and find out why trees are so important for us all.

Creative workshops - Sessions with creative practitioners who will help pupils develop their project ideas. Please specify if there is a particular creative area you are interested in.

Archive sessions - Sessions in school with education officers from Carlisle and Kendal Archive Centres. What type of information do Cumbria's archives hold about trees and our local landscapes? How can we learn more from primary sources?




How can I join the project?

Please register your interest with project manager Emma Aylett on 07806 824467 email or use the contact form at Once registered Emma will send updates about the project.


When does the project run from and to?

The project runs from November 2014 to May 2015. Pupils' work must be received by the project  by May 20th 2015. Workshops can be booked at any time although archive workshops are only available from Jan 2015.


How do I book workshops?

To register for the project, for more information and to book workshops please contact Emma. All workshops can take place at your school or woodland local to your school.


Can I book more than one workshop for my class?

Free workshops are on a first come first served basis (your class can also be part of the project without participating in workshops).  Each class can participate in a creative, archive and woodland workshop. If you would like to discuss other workshop requirements please get in touch.


Can my class just take part in the workshops without creating work for the project?

We would really like schools to be represented through pupils' work so it's an integral part of the project.


Who will organise workshops for me?

Tree Whisperer project manager, Emma Aylett will organise workshops and will liaise with practitioners on your behalf. All practitioners will be DBS checked and will hold public liability.


How do I send pupils' work in to the project?

Large digital files such as audio, photographic, scans of original work can be transferred to via the free service  or sent by post on a flashdrive which Emma will return. Smaller documents can be emailed straight to If you have originals please contact Emma to arrange pick up. If you are holding a related tree themed event please contact Emma and she will try and organise recording


What information do I need to send with pupils' work?

School and contact details, pupils' names and location of trees referenced by the work (so that we can map where the trees are). If possible a photo of the trees would be useful. If pupils appear in photographs, film etc  please also send consent for images to appear on website, in exhibition and in publicity.


What happens to the pupils' work?

Selected work will appear on the project website and will be included in a public exhibition in June 2015. You will be kept informed of how the work is being shared.

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